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about aam


A.A. Mouza is Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece. She holds a Diploma and a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering  from AUTh, Greece.

She is currently participating in the instruction of courses on chemical process and plant design, process simulation, multiphase flows and measuring techniques. She also takes part in the instruction of Chemical Engineering Lab IIProf. Mouza is a member of the group of supervisors of the senior student project on chemical process and plant design and optimisation.

Her main research interests are in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), process simulation, conventional and micro-equipment design and multiphase flow. She has participated in several research programmes.




    Recent research projects

1998-2000 Developments, performance studies and integration of multifunctional compact condensers in distillation processes.
2000-2001 Hydrodynamics of two-phase dispersed liquid-liquid systems. The Royal Society (UK), Joint Project with UCL .
2001-2002 Reduction of atmospheric emissions of the greenhouse gas CHF3. Phosphorous Fertilisers Industry Ltd (PFI).

Effect of physical properties on gas-liquid co-current stratified flow. Hrakleitos-EPEAEK II.

2005-2008 Study and design of novel compact heat exchangers (CHE). PENED -2003
2006-2008 Study of rheological behaviour of nanofluids and of their effect on heat transfer in CHEs. Joint Project with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic