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From the very wide spectrum of materials, the Laboratory of Materials Technology focuses its activities in the area of inorganic materials and more concrete in the area of metals and metal oxides. Since materials research and technology is a broad and “horizontal” field of science that exceeds over almost all technical scientific disciplines, the activities of the laboratory have a strong interdisciplinary character. In addition, the research activities are always located at the interface between synthesis process – material properties – application performance. Understanding of the application leads to the definition of the essential material properties, their connection with chemical and microstructural parameters which in turn should be tailored through the synthesis process.

Conducted Research, from the technical point of view, may be divided in the following areas:

1. Materials in Chemical Engineering Applications
    1a. Membranes for gas separation processes
    1b. Membranes for the treatment of liquid streams
    1c. Catalytic Membrane Reactors
    1d. Conventional Catalytic Materials
2. Electronic Materials in Microelectronics and Telecommunications
3. Functionalized Nanoparticles

However, from the application or “Social Driver” point of view, the following classification can be made:

1. Materials for “Energy” related applications
2. Materials for “Environment” related applications
3. Materials for “Health” related applications
4. Materials for “Society” related applications




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